viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Regalo para nuestros amores: Air Supply - Lost In Love (Shekina)

I Carry Your Heart With Me...I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In
My Heart)
I Am Never Without It (Anywhere
I Go You Go, My Dear; And Whatever Is Done
By Only Me Is Your Doing, My Darling)
I Fear
No Fate (For You Are My Fate, My Sweet)
I Want No World (For Beautiful You Are My World, My True) And It's You Are Whatever A Moon Has Always Meant And Whatever A Sun Will Always Sing Is You

Here Is The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows
(Here Is The Root Of The Root And The Bud Of The Bud
And The Sky Of The Sky Of A Tree Called Life; Which Grows Higher Than Soul Can Hope Or Mind Can Hide)
And This Is The Wonder That's Keeping The Stars Apart

I Carry Your Heart (I Carry It In My Heart)


Did not understand when my husband sang this song but now if I understand...

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  1. me encanto lo que escribiste realmente hay que amar para escribir esto...felicidades...

  2. zeer goed zeer interessant..


  3. Hermoso espero que tu marido se sienta feliz por tan bellas palabras y este detalle para el


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